Stop sending your Email as plain Text !


Encrypting Email on Mac & iOS is free, dead simple

and only takes a few easy Steps to setup ...






Step 1 - Get a free Certificate for your email address


- On your Mac, using Safari, go to Comodo and click on "Free Email Certificate – Sign up now!"

- Fill out the request (Select high encryption)

- Click on the pickup link in the email (use Safari again if you have multiple bowsers)

- Open your Certificate from the Downloads Folder

- Restart Apple Mail


Your Certificate is now stored in your Keychain and ready to use !



Step 2 - Send encrypted Emails from your Mac


The sign and encrypt buttons will automatically appear on the top right of the new mail window

Every time you send a signed email, the recipient
    - can verify that the mail is unmodified and really sent by you
    - will receive your certificate with your public key
Every time you receive a signed email, the certificate of the sender is automatically stored

Once you have the certificate of the sender, you can encrypt all future emails to this person


Always sign your emails, so everyone receives your certificate


To promote email security, like this page on Facebook and add this footer to your email


Stop sending plain Text -



Be aware


Encryption completely secures the body of your email and all it's attachments


Encryption DOES NOT ENCRYPT the SUBJECT of your email




More Tipps


Backing up your Certificate


- Open the "Keychain Access" Application (located in "Utilities" in "Programms" )

- Select login  & my certificates  

- Right-click the certificate/private key pair for your-email@domain & select export

- Pick a strong password, name it "your-email@domain" and save the "your-email@domain.p12" file


You might want to backup your certificate to a thumb drive and store it in a safe place



Installing your Certificate on another Mac


- Send yourself an email with your .p12 file (turn encryption off in that mail)

- On the other Mac, double-click the attachment

- Enter the password and the certificate is stored in your keychain

- Restart Apple mail



Installing your Certificate on your iPhone / iPad


- Send yourself an email with your .p12 file (turn encryption off in that email)

- Open the attachment on your device

- Select "Install Profile" (the untrusted message is ok), enter protection password

- Goto Mail, Contacts, Calendars > email@domain > Account > Advanced

- Enable SMIME

- Enable signature & encryption and pick matching profile if you have multiple


Sending encrypted Emails from your iPhone / iPad

Unlike the Mac, iOS does not store certificates from received emails automatically. (True for your own address as well)

To store a new Certificate:

- Tap the blue signed/encrypted icon in a signed mail from that contact

- Choose "View Certificate"

- Choose "Install"

Once you have stored the certificate, iOS automatically encrypts all future emails to this contact